Once upon a time, we were called Compass Group. But, at the end of 2022, we started a new journey alongside our colleagues from three different countries: Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. We united our forces and voices to continue our food story and bring it into the future.


What you should know

Like a universal language, food tells stories, unites different traditions and cultures, brings communities together, and generates emotions and memories.

Every day we mix ingredients, add flavors, and serve them with cheer! We develop spaces that allow the local communities to flourish, where guests can relax and enjoy breakfast, lunch, a snack or a coffee. We provide satisfying meals using clean and simple ingredients and carefully crafted menus that suit everyone.

We also want to help our customers thrive and perform better by providing clean and safe environments. We believe every employee has the right to work in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.

We exist because we believe we can make a difference and help our clients gain and retain the best workforce by providing them with benefits that matter to them, and lunch is just the begining.


Core Values

A business can be successful only as strong as the foundation is.
Our core values guide our daily activity and play an important role in our development over the years. These are not empty values statements! They are our bedrock, representing our belief system and the way we conduct our business.

1. Health and safety about all else

2. Breaking new ground

3. Transparency, integrity, and trust

4. Communication is the key

5. Responsible leadership




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Central Business Park, 133 Serban Voda Street

Bucharest, Romania

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