Lunch, our starting point


We mix ingredients, add flavors, and serve them with cheer! We love food! Preparing it, serving it, and yes, eating it!


Our story

Like a universal language, food tells stories, unites different traditions and cultures, brings communities together, and generates emotions and memories.

Every day we mix ingredients, add flavors, and serve them with cheer! We develop spaces that allow the local communities to flourish, where guests can relax and enjoy breakfast, lunch, a snack or a coffee.

We know that food is a personal experience, subject to our subjectivity, and that the gastronomic field is vast. However, we are providing our services honestly and in the best possible way with clients and customers at the center of everything and hoping that doing so will suffice.

We are foodies! We love food! Preparing it, serving it, and yes, eating it!

We blend different culinary styles and flavors, and we cook our food without any food substitutes or additives. We love what we do, and we do what we love! It is that simple!


Core Values

1. Health and safety about all else

We put health and safety before anything else and we guarantee that our food is safe and that your employees are protected at work. We will always care about the quality of our food, how it is prepared, and the environment we serve it. In the end, we are responsible for the quality of our services and your comfort.

2. Breaking new ground
Technology and digital innovation help us shape every experience and every interaction with our clients and customers. We are pushing to break new ground and provide better and more attractive services year after year.

3. Transparency, integrity, and trust
We strive to contribute positively to our customers' well-being and be a reliable partner to our clients by bringing our experience, passion, and innovation to each project. We foster transparency and integrity not only in our partnerships but also among our employees.

4. Communication is the key
Effective and constant communication is the key to our business’s success and growth. We know we can reach our goals easier and with long-term benefits if we stay true to who we are. Thus, proper communication is not a catchphrase. Human nature is at the heart of what we do, so the way we communicate can sometimes make or break a project.

5. Responsible leadership
Our most valuable asset is our responsible leadership. This consists of clean record-keeping, internal and international audits, zero-tolerance policy against corruption, a transparent and accountable food supply chain. Playing by the book is important to us, and we know it is important to you too!


More than 20 years experience

For more than 20 years, we have provided catering services on the Romanian market. We were among the first companies to offer a full catering service. Since then, we have come a long way by constantly innovating and bringing fresh ideas into our strategy, partnerships, and even into the services we provide. We rely on our experience, know-how, local teams, and the partnerships we have built. We strive to remain on top of our clients and customers choices.

We ease the business of their responsibility of providing employees with quality work meals. We offer breakfast, lunch, snacks, events catering, and kiosks in multi-shift production facilities for blue-collar and white-collar workers. We serve classic meals that we all know and love and also meals that are ideal for a healthier lifestyle or for the younger generations that are more interested in food combinations, environmentally friendly meals, etc.

We don’t see our spaces as canteens but as restaurants. Our menus, space design, and our teams' way of doing business all embed this idea.


Our people are our special ingredient.

The DeliGroup people are the bone marrow of our business. We put a lot of attention on providing our teams with the necessary skills to succeed at work. Having qualified employees leads to overall success.

Our professionalism and customer-oriented approach shows in everything we do, meaning we can proactively react to our customer's wishes.

Our teams strive to bring the latest trends, technology, programs, and strategy to perform the best service.



Long-term partnerships

We build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. These types of partnerships help us develop our vision and to create a more tailored service. We welcome the ideas and suggestions we are getting as long as the ideas are seen in the interest of both parties because we know that our partner’s success is our success. For this reason, we are concentrating our efforts on our client’s interest, but always keeping in mind the business we are running and our employees.

Our goal

Offer innovative catering services to reflect the needs of clients and their employees and provide warm and engaging spaces where anyone can enjoy a break during working hours.

Why choose us:

Safety, professionalism, reliability, and stability – these are the foundation on which our business stands.



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