Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Deli Group Professional Services SRL, based in Central Business Park 133 Șerban Vodă Street, registered with the Trade Register Office under the no. J40/5103/2001, Sole Registration Code RO 13904170, wishes to thank you for your support, trust and fidelity.

Our relationship with you is very important for us, therefore, your private life, your interests, the confidentiality of all information we receive from you (contact data, data from your CV, other data that you voluntarily provide us (“Personal Data”) are very important and their security is a priority for us.

Since we want you to correctly and completely know the way your personal data is processed when you interact with our website and, we want to comply with the legal provisions regarding personal data protection, as well as the European Regulation no. 679/2016 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (“GDPR”) and Law 190/2018 regarding the measures of applying GDPR, below we offer you relevant information in this regard, which we encourage you to carefully analyse, and if you need further clarifications please do not hesitate to use our contact methods that you can find in the section bellow called “Where you can find us”.

Considering our specific activity, you cannot contact us unless you are 18 years old.


The principle that we consider each time we collect, and process personal data (“Data”) is that of minimizing the collected data, and therefore to collect only the strictly necessary DATA for processing, accordingly to each situation. Depending on each situation, your Data shall be processed by manual and/or automated means and are mainly collected from you.

If you provide us Data that does not belong to you, please make sure you have obtained the consent of the person whose Data you are providing and that you have informed her/him regarding the fact that you sent her/his Data to us. As a general behaviour please only provide your own data. Deli Group Professional Service S.R.L is not responsible of the Data you provide and won’t be held responsible in any way.

Moreover, in the Data processing process, we shall always comply with the principle of purpose limitation according to which your Data shall not be processed for other purposes that the ones they were collected for, following that their processing and storage to be performed only for the period necessary to reach that purpose, as we shall describe below.

  •  Contact

If you contact us by using our “contact” page in order to ask us question, make a request or for any other reasons, we shall be able to process your Data, such as: name and surname, e-mail address, phone and any data comprised in your message that you freely chose to send us;

The purpose for processing the Data is that of communicating with you, which involves answering to your questions or requests, offering support and guidance, depending on the nature of your request.

Please, do not send messages with illegal, immoral, defamatory, or discriminatory content since they will NOT be analysed by us, only to the extent our and our customer’s image and interests can be harmed.

The data will be processed only for the communication period between us, after that it will be deleted.
  • Careers

This is a section that you can use to send us your CV to the extent you are interested in a vacant job within our company or if you want us to include you in our database if a new position appears that may be of interest for you.

This section allows you to upload the CV (PDF only), which will lead to processing the data included in your CV and the data filled in the online form that we make available.

Therefore, anytime you will contact us by using this section of our website, we will process the data required by the online form, respectively your full name (surname and name), the e-mail address, the phone number, the data included in the message you send us, as well as the data from your CV and the data you may provide, according to your choice, information about: address, age, date of birth, family situation, sex, professional experience, previous jobs, studies, education, hobbies, preferences.

The purpose of this data processing is to perform the recruitment and selection processes and, to the extent you CV is of interest for us, to take the necessary steps to conclude an employment contract.

As regards the period of data processing, it will be processed only up to the completion of the recruitment process and up to the moment you will withdraw the consent regarding this processing, but no more than 12 moths from the receipt date.
  • Newsletter

It is the section that you may use if you want to receive from us newsletters about our activity, services, products, our companies, vacant jobs within our company („Newsletters”).

Your subscription to Newsletters is optional, you will have the possibility to unsubscribe anytime by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button from the newsletter received or by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address contact@deligroup.ro.

To the extent you will subscribe, we will process, by automatic means, Data such as surname and name and e-mail address.

The purpose of the processing is to send the information mentioned above, following the data to be processed until expressing the unsubscribe option.

In addition to the above, when you interact with our website, we will be able to collect information related to the IP address of the equipment you use, the type of browser and the type of device you use, visits, which can be used to make your browsing experience better, in order to recognize the IP address in case of future visits, to analyse the performance of our website and even for advertising purposes, in this regard, we kindly ask you to read our cookies policy.


Basically, your data is not sent to other companies, except when processing would involve services for which our company resorts to external collaborators, such as: recruitment services, if the CV that you sent us shall enter in a recruitment process throughout a specialized entity, legal services in order to settle the request you made, providers of automated commercial communication services, state authorities, if your request would require their notification.

Incidentally, our providers of IT maintenance services may have access to your Data.

We will make sure that in all cases, sending your Data to third parties shall be performed by implementing adequate technical measures for Data security, as well as by concluding confidentiality agreements.


Basically, the legal ground for Data processing is your consent granted by your choice, in each situation, respectively art. 6 para.1 letter a) of GDPR.

In case of collecting your Data through the cookies necessary for the optimum operation of the website, ensuring the Data security or if the Data shall be processed for defending our rights, the legal ground is our legitimate interest, according to art. 6 para. 1 letter f) of GDPR.


Since we process your Data, you have various rights granted by the legislation in the data protection field. These rights are the following:

  • (i) to request access to your Data (under art. 15 of GDPR) which involves the right to obtain a confirmation from us that we are processing your data, as well as information regarding: the processing purpose, processed data categories, recipients, the storing period, the right to request data rectification or deletion, restricting the processing or the right to oppose, the right to make a complain to a supervisory authority, if there is an automated decisional process, respectively if the decisions are made just as a consequence of automated Data processing, if the Data is transferred to third parties and what warranties were implemented by us in order to ensure the security of the transferred data.
  • (ii) to request rectification, without undue delays, of the Data that does not correspond to the current situation, under art. 16 of GDPR. Please contact us immediately after the Data that you sent us changed in order to make the necessary updates.
  • (iii) to withdraw your consent that you granted us for processing your Data, with the mention that the withdraw of consent shall not affect the legality of the processing already done under that consent, before your withdrawal.
  • (iv) to request the deletion of the Data under art. 17 of GDPR.
  • (v) to request the restriction of the processing until the rectification of your Data, if you oppose to processing, until settling the request or in the cases provided by art. 18 of GDPR.
  • (vi) if and to the extent that the legal conditions shall be fulfilled you shall have the right to data portability under art. 20 of GDPR.
  • (vii) the right to make a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing based in B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, sector 1, postal code 010336, Bucharest, Romania; anspdcp@dataprotection.ro; Phone no.: +40.318.059.211 /+40.318.059.212; Fax: +40.318.059.602; http://www.dataprotection.ro/?page=contact

We inform you that within our company there are no automated decisional processes that would lead to the creation of profiles, except for those specific to the types of cookies we could use and about which you can find more details by reading our cookies policy. You will have the possibility to disable such cookies if you do not want your Data to be processed for such purposes.

We shall try, to the extent possible, to use the pseudonymisation or anonymisation of your Data, so that certain information you provide us will not be attributed to you.


To comply with the GDPR requirements, we want the information you communicate us to be protected. This is why we tried to implement technical and organizational measures that we considered necessary in order to ensure the security of your Data against unauthorized access, destruction, loss, modification, disclosure. Our staff is trained regarding the way it should handle the information received from you, our clients and providers and it undertakes the confidentiality obligations, and our informational systems are protected in such in way as to prevent, as much as the technology allows it at this moment, security events.

Regarding our website there are security measures for the servers that host our website, and which include antivirus, firewall, regular security check and security scans, vulnerability testing and intrusions testing systems.


To exercise your rights, to send messages, complains, you can contact us using the contact form or by using our postal address that you can find in the “contact” page. We will answer you in the shortest time, but not later than 30 days from the receipt of your message.


As we already informed you, we use different cookies for improving the browsing on our website but also for promoting our services. For information regarding the types of cookies used and other details regarding them, please see our cookies policy.

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