Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


This website belongs to and is operated by DELI GROUP PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SRL based in Central Business Park, 133 Serban Voda Street Bucharest, Romania, registered with the Trade Register Office under no. J40/5103/2001, Sole Registration Code RO 13904170. By browsing the pages of this website, you agree with the terms and conditions herein.

Through this document we want to inform you regarding our activity, the services we offer, how and where you can contact us in order to collaborate with us, to ask us question or to join our team, but also regarding your rights and obligations when you browse the pages of our website.

Our website comprises 3 interactive sections that you can use in order to contact us, to send us your CV or to subscribe to our newsletters.

Before sending any of your data to us, either by using the dedicated sections of our website, or our e-mail address or our postal address, since we shall have access to your personal data, please read our Privacy Policy. By contacting us you acknowledge the Terms and Conditions, and as well the Privacy Policy.


Our company understands very well that the success of a collaboration is ensured, among others, by discretion, therefore keeping confidential the information you send us is an obligation that we undertake.

We won’t be able to comply with our confidentiality obligation if a legal provision shall impose the disclosure of your information, if we shall be checked by the public authorities and they shall request access to our databases where your data can be found, but, usually, the public authorities are obligated to statutory confidentiality as well.

When you contact us, please do not send us any kind of discriminatory messages or comments, political, religious, xenophobe, hateful, illegal or of immoral nature, whereas such messages shall be immediately deleted from our database.


This website offers information regarding our services and it may also offer nutritional information regarding certain products or dishes.  Please, take into account the fact that these are purely informative and not a recommendation, therefore we suggest and advise you to consult a nutritionist or other medical specialist if you want to keep a diet, if you know that you suffer of certain condition or if you have allergies to certain ingredients or products.

As regards the operation  of our website, we mention that, even though we tried to implement the best security measures, we cannot guarantee and we shall not be liable for any damage to the devices you use to browse our website, the information stored on them or for the continuous operation of this website.

Moreover, we shall not be liable if certain public information is not up to date, if you took a decision taking into account the information published on our website, except for those regarding personal data for whose security we are liable, or if our information is useful or not for your life or activity.


To the extent that our website allows you to access other website through a link, we inform you that we are not liable for the operation of those websites, for the security measures their owners implemented or for the information they provide. Therefore, please read carefully their Terms and Conditions, as well as their Privacy Policies, published on those websites.

We reserve the right to deactivate, at any moment, any link to another website if we shall consider that it is in our interest to do so.


Our website configuration, the information we included in its content, the pictograms, the concept used, the design, logo are DELI GROUP PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SRL intellectual property and can be registered as trademarks, drawings or industrials models or can be protected by law regarding copyright. This is why their use, without our written consent, shall be considered a breach of our intellectual property rights that can entail your civil, criminal or penal liability, as appropriate.

As a consequence, you are not allowed to edit, copy, share or use in any other way, for commercial purposes or otherwise, any information and element from the content of our website.

Displaying any brand name or trademarks on our website does not represent a licence on them granted to any user or visitor, to use them for identical or similar products or services or for any other products or services.


We want the information you provide us, either by browsing our website or by filing the forms made available to you, to be protected. This is why we have implemented all the necessary technical and organizational measures, in order to ensure their security against accidental destruction, loss or unauthorized disclosure.


In order to find out more regarding the processing of your personal data that we collect when you browse our website or when you fill in the available online forms, please see our Privacy Policy.


This website and its content are governed and interpreted according to the Romanian legal provisions.


For any question, exercise of any right, communication please use our contact details available in the “Contact” section.

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