Bringing your spaces to life.

We want to help our customers thrive and perform better by providing clean and safe environments. Our complete Support Services offer innovative solutions that meet any demands.



We have the resources and expertise to handle any project, no matter how complicated. We know that having quality cleaning services has never been more important. Our cleaning services provide everything you need to make sure your employees are working in a healthy environment.

OUR VISION - Sparkling results

We believe every employee has the right to work in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. We consider it our responsibility to help our clients build and maintain such environments.  

We go beyond simply providing a service we give clients peace of mind and sparkling results.

OUR MISSION - A clean difference

Our mission is simple: building long-term partnerships and providing the highest quality cleaning and soft Support Services available on the local market.

We strive to do business with integrity and openness, always remaining loyal to our clients and our business.


Core Principles

Even if our portfolio has grown in a steady manner since we’ve started in 2018, we have never lost touch with our core principles:

We believe that it is important to conduct a business with respect to understanding our clients business and needs while considering our own employees. We do not forget that, in the end, people are at the core of any business.

Our ultimate goal is to generate long-term value. To do so, we concentrate our efforts on constantly delivering better quality experiences by listening to our clients. Their feedback helps us improve our clients' experience, making us stronger and better at what we do.

Our partnerships with world’s leading cleaning equipment and related products companies helps us provide efficiently and innovative services at cost effecting prices. By integrating new technologies and digital processes into our solutions, we can maximize our efforts. Innovation and efficiency go hand in hand, and we want to offer our clients the best deals in the best possible way.

Conducting our business in a sustainable manner
As humans become more aware of our activities impact on climate and nature, more and more clients choose sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning companies. We can assure you that we are using multiple technologies and resources to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste or unwanted results.
We are upgrading or replacing the infrastructure equipment to improve energy efficiency and help customers achieve their sustainability strategy.
Our overall vision is to align our passion for providing quality services with our concern for the planet.

Clients come first, and the rest follows!
We recognize that without clients, there is no profit thus, we focus on the success of our existing clients and ensure that our services are valuable to them. Retaining and growing customers is less costly than adding new ones.
Our priority is to understand each customer’s requirements and to build and deliver the right solution for them. In doing this, we provide a blend of service elements that integrate seamlessly with our customer’s core business.


Why choose us?

Our cleaning services are comprehensive. From Hard to Soft Cleaning Services, we've got you covered. You don’t need multiple providers to keep your spaces clean. You need just one: Deliservices.


Business consistency

A consistent approach to service levels, standards, management reporting, cost transparency, business continuity, risk, and compliance.



Cost control across all cleaning services and creation of a solid management system.



Getting the best performance and outputs by adopting a collaborative approach to address service challenges & promote efficiency.



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