Happy, healthy, and well-nourished children is our business.


Regardless of age, a healthy diet is of great importance. Providing children with balanced meals is critical to their health and overall well-being. We are aware that the benefits of a healthy school lunch can extend way beyond the school environment, thus we are offering an integrated approach to school catering services.



Food and love are sometimes similar: both bring people together.

With us, your children will enjoy a range of fresh, seasonal, and nutritious food dishes that combine different cultures and cooking methods.

We aim to offer our little guests’ fusion in a plate that is delightful for the eyes and delicious for the mind and soul. For this reason, our services are similar to those of restaurants rather than classical school canteens.


Create a positive food culture.

We strive to educate our partners concerning the benefits of healthy eating and lifestyle in our youth. We ensure that these concepts are up-to-date and fully understood, as we work closely with nutrition experts to obtain sound advice and bring added value.

Our carefully crafted menus and recipes focus on seasonal ingredients, and our top-notch technology allows us to cook the ingredients using healthier cooking methods, such as steaming or boiling. We do not use additives, glutamates, or condiments that may harm children. We carefully monitor our ingredients purchases to keep everything safe for our little guests.


Our core values:


Transparency, integrity, and trust:

We work as a cohesive team, bringing together the experience, inspiration, and passion of our team to help improve and develop each project. We strive to exceed expectations and build the path to excellence with our partners.


Quality matters:

We set our standards high and are always looking to achieve better results. As we base our services on innovative ideas, rich flavors, and a culture of respect we strive to help children learn what healthy, high-quality food looks and tastes like.


Reliable partner:

We hope to contribute positively to the well-being of little children and secure the future of the next generation. The reliability of our suppliers and our control help us in doing so.


Who we are:

You may have visited our restaurants and known us as Compass Group. Starting in 2022, we are continuing our daily activities under DeliGroup. Primirest is a sub-brand of DeliGroup focused on providing nutrition expertise to public and private schools, local education authorities, and parents. We offer more than catering services! We pride ourselves on conducting workshops and other live sessions to educate the younger generation about healthy diets and lifestyles.

Why choose us:


Solution-oriented services


Time and cost effectiveness


Building the path to excellence


Think digitally

Manage your child’s school meals conveniently from one place. With our online system, you can keep an eye on everything: payment, menu, order, and consumption.

Also, our cashless payment system increases the efficiency of our operations, ensuring a smooth service.


  • - Parents can load money at the beginning of the month.
  • - The system records the consumption of each child.
  • - The system can be restrictive, and we take into consideration the parents’ wishes, diets, allergies, and dietary restrictions of their child.



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